Montag, 5. Februar 2018

2361 Skizzen Training Tag 1

Demo-Skizze auf Aquarellpapier 

Erster Tag meiner kleinen Workshop-Reise zum Thema Skizzentraining. Begonnen habe ich am Samstag in Düsseldorf. Heute folgt boesner Witten.

First day of my short workshop tour. Saturday in Duesseldorf. Today I am teaching in Witten at the Art Material Store boesner.
Not for sale. Unverkäuflich.

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  1. ...and it was wonderful! Thank you so much Dietmar. The workshop was fun, informative, well structured and lively. You are very generous with your knowledge (sadly, not all teachers are) and I was very touched by the giveaways (numerous drawing 'aids' that Dietmar had prepared in advance) which were an unexpected 'cherry on top' :-)
    Thanks again and I wish you continued success - you really deserve it!
    Best regards,


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